Telescopic guideways

We deliver telescopic guideways for vertical and horizontal movements. Their use will be considered when operating in low and confined spaces where, however a long linear movement is required.

Telescopic guideway has two or more extensions, which are mounted inside each other. Load, gripper or other actuator is mounted on the end of the inner extension. Innermost extensions move in synchronized with the movement of the outer extentension by timing belt or roller chain. For example the triple-extension telescopic guideway with 800 mm movement of the outer extension produces 2400 mm total movement. In this case the space savings is 2/3 ie 1600 mm.

Movement of the outer extension is carried out with toothed rack, timing belt or roller chain. Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder may be used in some cases. Ball or roll type linear guideways are used in bearings of the extensions. Number and size of the extensions and speed are designed for each applications.

See telescopic guideway in action by watching video below.

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