New linear guideway concept for machine builders

The bearings of the carriage are situated in the extreme corners of the carriage´s base plate. Each bearing unit comprises three individual roller bearings guiding the carriage accurately in respective directions.

Thanks to the ideal bearing solution the guideway and carriage can be easily adapted to many special tasks. The centre of gravity can always be maintained very close to the guideway as the carriage is simply a straight plate.

The linear beam is as such self-supporting and does not require any external supports. The bearing concept leaves the backside of the carriage free for attaching cables and other fixtures. Two carriages, when mounted on the opposite sides of a guidebeam, allow them to pass each other and move from end to end.

The bearings roll on easily replaceable, screwed-on wear strips, made of hardened steel. Thus the entire beam need never be replaced.

The linear beams are designed for medium to heavy loads and for long stroke lenghts. Single beams may be as long as 9500mm which can be joined together to virtually any length.

Applications include e.g. welding manipulators, handling equipment for wearhouses, lifting and transfer devices, gantry robots, wood handling devices as well as other special machines for various industries.

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